Gazebos and marquees rental for events in Tuscany

Events Production rents gazebos, marquees and tents for any type of event or concert in Tuscany. Marquee rental in Versilia.

Each space has its coverage needs. Events Soluzion is able to accurately define each environment to be able to set up the marquee and gazebos for events and shows in Tuscany that best suits the environment, the season and even the most particular needs, from small to large space.

Tents and marquees rental in Tuscany
Marquees for parties and marquees perfect for various occasions: from the village festival to parties, up to sporting events, exhibitions, weddings, fashion shows, cultural events and more. They offer shelter in case of cold, rain and wind as well as from the hot summer sun.
The great advantage lies not only in versatility, but also in the reduced assembly and disassembly times, operations that we carry out using our specialized staff, in full compliance with the regulations in force and guaranteeing every security measure, for your peace of mind.

Gazebo rental in Tuscany
The gazebo can be the right solution on several occasions. First of all for the characteristics of the event for which they are necessary. When the available spaces are small, when it comes to a small event, the gazebos are perfect for ensuring the right coverage. Secondly, they can be used to create games of different spaces and environments, thus moving the event into a wider spatial perception.
Because of their versatility and adaptability, gazebos are among the most rented structures for events.

Events Solution can set up marquees and gazebos for your events and concerts in Tuscany.

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Marquee rental in Tuscany Marquee rental in Tuscany Marquee for events in Tuscany Marquee rental in Tuscany
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Lighting systems installations

Events Production designs and builds lighting systems and professional installations for every kind of event in Versilia and Tuscany.

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